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Title: nUAnce Pop! – NSYNC
Client: The University of Akron, Myers School of Art
Role: Director, Videographer
Year/Medium: Spring 2013, 4D Motion
Techniques Used: Adobe After Effects CS6, Nikon D5100
Description: For this video I had the pleasure of working with the University of Akron’s a-capella group on their first music video and my final project for my 4D Motion class. They were an amazing group of guys to work with and I am excited about future videos to produce with them!

The video was shot with 40 different clips edited in Adobe After Effects CS6 and was filmed using a Nikon D5100 with the audio being edited in Garage Band.

Location: The University of Akron Student Union Theatre

Audio included: Rode Shotgun Microphone, Shotgun Mic Microphone For f. Nikon Canon DSLR

We are the University of Akron’s premier all-male a-cappella group!

Featured: Tommy Panek, Zack Zinn, Zach Toom, Brandon Crites, Noah Casino, Alex Lintner, Ben Orozco, Justin Brown, Tim Kinsman, Max Flinn, Jack Jennemann

Soloists: Alex Lintner, Brandon Crites

Vocal Percussion: Tim Kinsman, Noah Casino