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“Sports of all forms are usually recognized as competitive physical activities, which aim to use, maintain, or improve physical ability and skills. What is not usually recognized is the art that a sport creates within all the motions being exerted and the movement of participants painting a portrait on a field instead of a canvas. Lacrosse is my blank canvas, my vision. It is a sport based on agility, strength, endurance and the physical mind, that not only combines the speed of hockey, brutality of football, and endurance of soccer, but also the finesse and beauty of ballet. The images on display juxtapose these perspectives and identify the motions seen in both.”

Posted above is my artist statement for the current project I am working on for Advanced Graphic Design. Advanced Graphic Design is a course taken in the Fall Semester during your senior year in design school that requires you and the entire class to curate an art show that is held the week before Thanksgiving till the end of the semester. In this course, students are required to develop a show theme, show name and produce all marketing materials such as postcards, posters, logos, website and social media tools. Once the show theme and name are decided upon; students break up into separate groups to further develop the postcard, posters, and website while also writing copy for all required items.


My class chose the theme “juxtaposition” (the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect) and the show name “Splice” to go along with it. Once those things were decided upon, I found my way into the writing side of the show where me and another student wrote the copy for the postcard, press release, posters etc. From there, I assisted on the web side of the team; preparing images for the site splice.uakrondesign.com as well as being the assist for the person in charge of coding the website.


Once all the class work was at a good place, we were to begin developing our own personal projects in preparation for the show. My original idea was to use a mannequin as the common denominator to show the similarities and differences between lacrosse and ballet. After weeks of searching for a mannequin at a reasonable price, I settled for a rental that cost $50 for one week during Halloween weekend. There were a lot of elements that went into the preparation of my project as I had multiple people working with me to help make this possible. Carey Ann Lopuchosky, Shannon Evans and Luke Gagnon were all participants in this project who assisted with acquiring the location (dance studio), setup and production. Luke became a last minute add as I was nervous about the use of the mannequin and wanted to have a third person/lacrosse player as back-up in case my original idea didn’t work out…which it did not. The use of a real human for the pieces I will display around the event time was a much better addition than what my original idea for the mannequin was. I did lose out on $50 but it was a small price to pay for what I hope is a successful piece! As of right now I will be posting process shots and updates until the opening night of the show. My current stage of the project is developing a name for my piece and nearing towards 80% completion.