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With this After Effects practice, I really wanted to enhance the look of the weapon fire I used in a previous video After Effects Training | Sci-Fi Weapons. I wasn’t satisfied with how the animation of the plasma looked coming out of the gun but also wasn’t ready to commit to VideoCoPilots Shockwave Plug-in that includes pre-rendered animations like the ones you see in this video. Thankfully, they released a video tutorial on how to achieve the look they are selling in their plugin.

So…with that being said, I went ahead and began creating some exploding fractals with quick sound effects and enhanced the color using the VideoCoPilot Vibrance Plugin they offer for free. It’s great, it’s free, I recommend it for colorizing anything quickly. With these created I plan on fine tuning them to be a little bit unique in different ways so that I have a variety and then begin plugging them into some other tutorials involving sci-fi weapons or anytime I need an exploding fractal look. They’re definitely something nice to have in your back pocket for a quick video effect.