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This past week I have been in the process of re-branding myself on all of my social medias (see above) to essentially start forming an identity as I continue to make more and more designs as well as videos. I have recently begun working on a video for our campus’s Panhellenic Council and in order to brush up and learn more in After Effects, I am going to be doing quick 10sec videos testing out different effects. The video posted above is an attempt at trying to lift off the ground like Superman. In total it took about 10 minutes to shoot, and 30 minutes to edit. Essentially the the video is shot with 20 secs of background footage. Then I step into the camera, jump up into the air and come back down. I cut the video where I am walking in and out of the camera, freeze the frame before my feet leave the ground. Use the pen tool to cut myself out of the image and then drag it up out of the picture while adding a motion blur and camera shakes.