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Finally beginning to move towards using real people in some of my VFX…I chose to test out the fan favorite on YouTube of futuristic weapons. This was a quick edit I attempted to get done in under 2 hours which I can hopefully cut down to an hour at the most in the future. Jared Sansonette is the weapon holder in this video and can be seen wielding just a standard black paintball gun (only gun we could find at the moment). After shooting a couple of scenes of him firing the gun as if it is releasing a massive electrical light beam, I tracked the barrel of the gun in After Effects and began masking and lighting the area as if the beam was growing inside.

This was a really good template for me to begin with as I am now going to be purchasing the Action Pack 1 from Video Co-Pilot that provides you will all the beginner VFX sounds, effects, etc. a film maker may need to get into some more detailed productions. To see the before and after you can visit my Instagram by clicking that link or in the footer below. Be on the look-out for this piece to show up again as I test more weapons and future projects.