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So this technique caught my eye in recent weeks and I was trying to find the right time to shoot this short and simple clip and that time ended up coming a lot later than I expected. Regardless, I was able to shoot the clip with my buddy Luke in about 20 minutes…the second time around. The first attempt led me to a re-shoot because I didn’t like how the footage looked.

After I got the look that I wanted and a few annoying camera tendencies were taken care of…I loaded the footage into after effects and went to town. I cut the first half of the clip 3 frames after he jumps and then inserted a clip of just the door for about 1-2 frames. Then I cut the second half right as he is “exiting” the portal and placed a clip of just the door again for 1-2 frames before the second half. Lined it all up and pre-composed it into another composition.

In the new comp I used the exploding fractals I created from the last tutorial I attempted (After Effects Training | Exploding Fractals) and used them as the portals in this video. I could have spent more time lining them up and doing the sizing but I felt I got the point across in the time I wanted. Some elevator music and smoke sound effects and he was in the portal and out the other side in a second. I may attempt to shoot in an outside location sometime soon but for now I just wanted to get this under my belt.

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