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Title: Commercial Photography
Client: The University of Akron, Myers School of Art
Role: Photographer
Year/Medium: Fall 2012, Commercial Photography
Techniques Used: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Bridge CS5, Nikon D5100

Innova Disc Golf: The Innova Disc Golf “Unidentified Flying Object” product shot was created using iPhone 4’s to create back-lights under the discs placed on black plexi-glass table that was reflected on another piece of black plexi-glass from above. The effect created an aura such as the northern lights and was altered slightly in Photoshop.

Razer Naga Epic: The Razer Naga Epic product shot was created using diffused lighting from behind a black plexi glass sheet and a raised iPhone 4 LED light. The LED lights emitting from the gaming mouse illuminated the lines of the packaging just enough to be seen in the photo. The gaming mouse sits on top of its packaging, creating a 3 Dimensional look as it erupts from the box.

Old Spice: The Old Spice product shot was created using 2 sources of lighting, a manilla seamless background and in-house rocks to create the beach like feeling. The “Champion” body wash was brought to the front and in focus to show Old Spice’s claim to being the number one cleaning product.