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During my daily research I usually browse the news to see what could pop up for design, while also trying to stay updated with everything going on in the world. Today I came across an article by Yahoo titled “College Majors That Require The Most Effort” and coming in at #3 was “Arts and Humanities” which included common majors of fine and studio art. I found the ranking results to be spot on when discussing expectations and criteria needed to be successful in the major such as “Average Hours Seniors Spent Preparing for Class Per Week: 17 hours” and “Average Hours Faculty Expected Seniors to Study Per Week: 18 hours.” Studio based classes are a lot different then normal classes usually offered whereas instead of spending 1 hour in a class MWF you spend 2-3 hours in a class MWF.

“The graphic arts can be very time-consuming because you work and work and work on a project, and there’s no formula to follow that says that what you’ve done is right or perfect,” says Rambo.