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Today is the opening reception of our Senior Exhibition at The University of Akron Myers School of Art. I had previously mentioned a little about the show in a post The University of Akron Senior Exhibition and stated that I would reveal my presentation later in the week. Today is that day!

After a semesters worth of development, preparation, and execution, my brand has finally come together full circle. To start, in order to be eligible for graduation, you must present a website (which you are viewing), portfolio, resume, and process book. Once those items are approved, you then must present all those things again…plus a business card, iPad Portfolio, and take-away item, in order to be entered into the exhibition. So before everything was placed into the gallery, I wanted to get a small photo shoot in with everything I will be presenting in the exhibition. To see everything in place at the exhibition, be on the look-out for another post coming soon!

Below, I have photographed my resume, process book, portfolio, business cards, take-away item and the box they reside in. Not photographed is my second take-away item and my iPad Portfolio.

My portfolio is encased in a Pina Zangaro presentation book with a white cover. When I purchased the presentation book, I was still developing my logo and was unsure if what I had would remain my mark so as a result I did not have anything done to the cover. However, once my logo was finalized and fully developed, I had one of my colleagues print me a vinyl sticker to lay on the cover and give it a little flare and branding. My projects are printed on the Pina Zangaro paper and my printing was done through a former Univ. of Akron Graphic Design Student.

My resume is a folded resume broken into three different sections which can be seen in the “About” section of my website. The back holds my logo so that it is the first thing you are presented with when opening and closing.

Business Card:
I chose not to get too elaborate with my business card, as I just wanted it to dawn my logo and my contact information on the back. The business cards were printed through Overnight Prints , but I may end up re-printing some more in a different stock to add a different feel.

Process Book:
My process book is a 55 page, 7×5 book, that contains the step-by-step of five of my projects featured in my portfolio. I created hard book covers and had it spiral bound to add a little accent of black.

Take-away Items:
For this, I wanted to have something that was unique to me and not just some random item with my logo on it. So, as everyone in the art school knows me as the guy who plays lacrosse…I figured why not do lacrosse balls. I will eventually have another post that goes more in-depth on how I decided upon those and got my logo on them. For now, the balls were purchased from All-Star Sports in Hudson, Ohio and rest in a wooden box that I branded with my logo inside and out. Not pictured, is my additional take-away which is a Walls 360 graphic that can be re-used multiple times…they’re great!

Keep on the lookout for another post about our Senior Exhibition coming soon. You can also view images and social media posts about the show at @uakrondesign on Twitter and Instagram, or visit www.2014.uakrondesign.com or Facebook.com/uakrondesign. Use the #uakrondesign to have your posts displayed on our page.