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This week I was lucky enough to be featured as the Lacrosse All Stars “Photo of the Week” which displayed my current project “Ballet Lacrosse” that I had just recently spoke about for Advanced Graphic Design. Lacrosse All Stars is a “Sports media outlet determined to make lacrosse the most popular sport in the world. By players, for players. Grow The Game!”


This is the second time I have been featured on their site, as I was 2 years ago when I released the designed custom shorts I did for The University of Akron Men’s Lacrosse Team (will be posting about those soon).

I released the image after the photo shoot for my Advanced Graphic Design project and sent it to them via Twitter. The article includes the image that I sent as well as text which states:

“A few weeks ago, University of Akron middie Nick Lopez tweeted us an awesome photo of two kids doing ballet while wearing lacrosse helmets and holding lacrosse sticks. I’m no dance expert, but I think those ballerinas would make pretty fierce lacrosse players! Maybe Cascade should get in the dance business next! Or maybe not… either way, this is still a great Photo of the Week!” – Kevin Rowen

Though these things may be small, it’s a start to the presence I hope to grow in the lacrosse community as a designer. Lacrosse is my inspiration, and though a majority of my work may not be focused on lacrosse…I couldn’t get to where I am without it.