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Graphic Design majors who enrolled at The University of Akron Myers School of Art during the 2010 school year became the first students to experience the new course curriculum. The new curriculum includes two classes that both deal with 4D Design. 4D Motion and 4D Interactivity are scheduled during your final two semesters of college. This semester (Fall 2013) I am enrolled in 4D Motion which teaches the understanding of film-making and editing in Adobe After Effects. This would be the first time my outside film-making and After Effects skills would be critiqued for a grade and set on a deadline. The first project we were given would be a 1-3 minute persuasive film. We were not permitted to use typography and 50% of the clips had to be filmed by ourselves.

After being given a list of topics to choose from, the one I settled on was “healthy living”. I was inspired by the Nike FuelBand commercial and wanted to just simply follow two people through “a day in the life”; one being healthy and the other not. Luke Gagnon (male actor), who is featured in many of my pieces plays the role of the healthy person while Molly Donahue (female actor), plays the role of the unhealthy person. This was my first time directing a film for a purpose to try and achieve a certain appeal.

I filmed six different times to get all the desired shots. The first two film sessions were simply just asking Luke and Molly to go throughout their day as they normally would and I would adjust the shot as needed. Once I had a framework to go off of, on top of my story board, I was able to go in and narrow down specific shots I needed to complete the film. Some of those shots included reshoots of Molly waking up to match the lighting of Luke waking up as well as going to sleep. The stills shown at the beginning were shot around 7:30am, right as the sun was to come up over the university and were a great transition into the piece to match the audio chosen.

The audio was something that I generally have a lot of fun looking for but found extremely difficult to find this time as I usually know what audio I want going into an outside project but this time I didn’t know the project until I chose it. I ended up going to one of my frequent YouTube favorites Scott & Brendo and found multiple tracks from them that fit what I needed. I edited the film down 3 different times to different audio until I settled on “Somewhere”. For my first student film and no use of a Glidecam/Steadicam I am pretty satisfied with the end result!