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Title: Finesse
Client: The University of Akron, Myers School of Art
Role: Photographer, Designer
Year/Medium: Spring 2013, Advanced Graphic Design
Techniques Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Nikon D5100
Description: When two instances occur close together, they are connected by an invisible relationship. Splice reveals their attractions and repulsions. Will your senses have the ability to discover the connection between them? We invite you to join us in exploring these juxtaposed ideas of our Advanced Graphic Design students of the Myers School of Art. Splice

Sports of all forms are usually recognized as competitive physical activities, which aim to use, maintain, or improve physical ability and skills. What is not usually recognized is the art that a sport creates within all the motions being exerted and the movement of participants painting a portrait on a field instead of a canvas. Lacrosse is my blank canvas, my vision. It is a sport based on agility, strength, endurance and the physical mind, that not only combines the speed of hockey, brutality of football, and endurance of soccer, but also the finesse and beauty of ballet. The images on display juxtapose these perspectives and identify the motions seen in both.