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Continuing on from where I left off in the Graphic Design Portfolio Exhibition post. As I had mentioned, there we’re specific committees in charge of a multitude of things that prepared the gallery for the opening. As the clock began to tick and tick away with time closing in, everything came together for a great and successful night at the Myers School of Art.

Outside The Gallery
The upper atrium of the art school played host to “face-in-hole” van (thumbnail image) where guests could have their picture taken as if they were inside the illustrated van for the show, and have it featured on the Instagram wall being displayed right next to it. You could also find live music taking place in front of the design wall (see below) that featured all the tools/necessities that us as student designers used to get us to this day. There was also a “claw” game that awarded players little prizes matching the show and also a historical board detailing the past of Myers School of Art.

In the lower atrium, a buffet of food and treats awaited guests as they made their way through student works. Featured on the while was a video feed of a student wearing a GoPro, moving their way through the gallery as everyone went from student to student.

Inside The Gallery
Upon entering the gallery, guests were greeted with a student location map and a “swag bag” to place resumes, business cards, and give-aways in. 48 student works were split between the upper and lower gallery, with a display of quotes listed on every other wall, as well as two digital projections displaying students work as well. There was also a projector in the lower gallery that displayed a twitter wall as people spread the news that they were at the #uakrondesign senior exhibition. Each student table was wired to power an iPad, that gave guest the option to view portfolios quicker then flipping through the book.

Overall the opening reception was a special and exciting moment, as everything we had worked for, for so long came together for one great moment. It was a great experience and a much different one, as opposed to my Fall Semester exhibition that was a collaboration of only 15 people as opposed to 48. I look forward to seeing what the seniors of 2015 come up with for their exhibition!