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The exhibition that we’ve all been waiting for…dreaming of…worrying about…has finally arrived. This week, on Friday April 25th, 48 seniors will display their work at the Emily Davis Gallery in the Myers School of Art on the University of Akron campus for all to see. The exhibition is the final stepping stone of a student Graphic Designer’s educational career, as employers and professionals will look to hire creative, young talent to enhance their businesses and corporations.

The educational highway of a graphic designer is a long journey, especially for a field where there is something to learn everyday. That highway makes multiple stops at the University of Akron where designers are challenged with reviews during their sophomore, junior and senior years, that test their knowledge, professionalism, aesthetics, and quality of work. The senior exhibition is the final plateau for student designers to reach. The exhibition is a collaboration of all the senior designers with committees in charge of invites, web design, digital graphics, installation, electrical, and more. From the start of the Spring Semester, this exhibition has been in the process of building and becomes a true honor when you get to display your own work in the finished product. 48 tables will display students portfolios, resumes, business cards, process books and even something fun for you to remember them by.

As for myself, my part in the exhibition has been involved with the development and production of digital graphics, that will be displayed from projectors onto the walls in the gallery. If you find yourself in the Myers School of Art, be sure to stop by my table and view my work before you begin bouncing around. Pictures of my display and work are coming shortly, but in the meantime, check out our website and visit our social media platforms!