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WHAT’S NEXT | 5.25.2014

In the span of 2 weeks, three of the largest events of my life took place that would close out a chapter I’ve lived for the last 4 years. I’ve recently spoke about our Senior Exhibition which can be found in a couple articles on the site and everything involved in that. What hasn’t been spoken about is what came following our exhibition and in between.

While in the midst of preparing for our Senior Exhibition, I was also preparing for our (UA Men’s Lacrosse) return to the National Tournament. Last year we advanced to the National Tournament for the first time in school history..carrying our schools best ever record of 11-4 and first ever Top 25 National Ranking. Our season unfortunately was ended by Cincinnatti in the first round, but with my final year approaching, we wanted nothing but to get back to the tournament again and make a run. With a strengthened schedule and a target on our backs, we we’re once again awarded a bid to the NCLL National Tournament and would play the #1 seed Eastern Kentucky University in the Round of 32. So on the weekend on our Senior Exhibition, I left the opening reception, packed my bags, and loaded onto a bus destined from Richmond, KY. Along ways away from home, we would once again go on to make school history on the campus of EKU as we downed the #1 seed 10-5 and advanced to the Sweet 16. Our run in the tournament would be cut short once again as we would fall to Tennessee, and on that bus ride home it was surreal to think that these massive chapters in my life were one by one coming to an end. It was an honor to be part of a senior class that will leave their mark on the University of Akron forever, for everything we had accomplished:

• Winningest Team in School History (2009 – 2014)
• 2 National Tournament Appearances (2013, 2014)
• Top 25 National Rankings (Highest 18, 12 weeks total in season 2013-2014)
• 3 year Undefeated Home Streak (2010-2013)
• 6x Game of the Week

Now, what people don’t realize is the Senior Exhibition isn’t the end of a Graphic Designers educational requirement. We still have finals week like everybody else for the design classes or general education classes we were taking in between…yeah. So as much as I wanted to just rest and recover from lacrosse. It was time to get back into design mode and finish my Packaging and 4D Interactivity projects which I will post shortly. Design mode is a really hard thing to get back into after you spent your entire semester preparing for one show that will determine your future and if you graduate…so working to get these projects done was a teeth pulling process. However, all were completed and only one thing remained…graduation.

For me, it did not sink in that I was graduating college…a monumental achievement…until I was sitting in the chair waiting for my name to called. I could not believe I was about to be an alum of the school that forever changed my life. What an honor it was to be educated by the professors in the design school and the administrators and faculty of the university. We made it! Class of 2014!

So…what’s next.

That following Monday, I began the next chapter in my life working for LRMR Management Company full-time as the Creative Design and Digital Manager. I couldn’t be more excited to enhance the level of my design with this company and work on innovative projects for a high profile market. So this means, a lot of my print design and personal projects will be going to the back burner and coming out less frequently…but when they do, I promise they will be worth your time.

However, I have began pushing my VGX skills and working more with film as I have always had a passion for filming. So…coming to the front burner will, I hope, be short films that I will produce with a cast, location, props, etc. The skills I learned directing different shoots, and shows has given me a greater knowledge of how I would like things to take place and I’m confident I can now produce quality YouTube shorts. So in the beginning, you will see me prepping and learning some more techniques in After Effects in my series “After Effects Training”. Following that will be my first short film based on Titanfall…stay tuned!

PS: I’m featured in the video above at 1:22